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Recorded live on February 26th with Melanie Wahlberg, C.S.
from her home in Southern California for
Christian Science Society, Charleston, IL.
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NEVER ALONE:  How spiritual ideas work in us

When we feel stuck, we naturally want answers. It would be reassuring to feel supported instead of alone in our efforts to progress. In this talk, I discuss what I’ve found helpful from my practice of Christian Science healing: a way to experience God as an active presence of good in our lives, and a reliable source of fresh ideas that bring about inspired solutions.

Ideas from God, rooted in the spirituality that makes up our true nature, stir something new in our consciousness. They uplift our outlook — sometimes before we even realize — in ways that change our lives and our health for the better.

During the lecture, I refer to God as divine Love or Mind, rather than as a superhuman figure making arbitrary decisions about our lives. This divine Mind is the infinite, loving source of all good, timeless ideas. God’s thoughts remind us of our spiritual identity, show us our potential, and enable us to heal and to be healed.

But how do we find these healing ideas consistently?  We’ll look at the teachings of Christ Jesus, our best and most practical example. And we’ll delve into Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, as the explanation of Christian Science healing based on Christ Jesus’ life. I’ll give examples of how this healing approach has transformed lives, including a mother and her infant daughter who experienced physical healing. The mother said, “It felt like the ideas themselves did the work.”

This event is sponsored by

Christian Science Society of Charleston, IL

Who warmly invite you to their Sunday morning service at 10:30 AM

and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM

812 Jackson Avenue
Charleston, IL  61920

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