Spiritual Answers for Today’s Questions

A lecture series which ran from February 11th through May 13th, 2021

During this season, all of our lectures are designed to embrace our community and shine a light on how to find spiritually-based answers to today’s difficult challenges.  These important talks were held every second and fourth Thursday for fresh inspiration.

Our 2021 Winter-Spring Lecture Series Has Ended

Thank you to all our Lecturers and to you for watching this important series!

Finding Joy, Health, Hope for All

Never alone: how spiritual ideas work in us

How to make change for the better

God’s-eye view of you!

How you can better the world: spiritual discovery

Making meaningful change: how God’s love can change your life and the world

Prayer and well-being. A spiritual adventure

Prayer and Well-Being:  A Spiritual Adventure
By Nate Frederick
Given May 13, 2021
Sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Peoria, Illinois

God’s-Eye View of You
By Fujiko Takai Signs, CSB
Given March 25, 2021
Sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Springfield, Illinois